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Instander Apk

App Name Instander Apk
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Genre Tools
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Latest Version V17.2
MOD For Android
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Table of Contents

1.What is Instander Apk?

2.What is Instander Mod Apk?

3.Is Instander Better Than Instagram?

4.What is the use of Instander App?

5.Is There any Modded Instagram?

6.Features of Instander App

  • Follow Celebrities and Influencers

  • Become a Creator

  • Get Verified Badge

  • Download Photos and Videos

  • Enable or Disable Message Replies

  • Save Stories in Archive

  • No Advertisements

  • Free Downloading



Several social media platforms have gained immense popularity online, captivating users worldwide. Giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, offer engaging experiences that many find hard to resist. While these apps are freely accessible, they sometimes lack certain features.

Discussing Instagram, it's evident how remarkable and potent this platform truly is. You might ponder why certain capabilities aren't present, which could elevate its appeal even further. Enter Instander APK, a modified take on the official Instagram application. The enhancements and features it brings to the table are sure to leave you both impressed and momentarily taken aback.


Instander APK grants you the convenience to save videos and photos from fellow creators' profiles directly to your device. With these, you can curate your own collection to revisit anytime. Not to mention, the app boasts a 'ghost mode' offering that extra layer of privacy you might seek. There's an array of features this app presents, too many to delve into here. So, let's dive deeper and explore the multifaceted offerings of Instander APK.


What is Instander Apk?

Instagram APK is a refined version of the classic Instagram app, laden with additional functionalities. It offers an ad-free experience and comes without any limitations, making many users prefer it over the original. One notable feature is its ability to save videos and photos, a function the standard Instagram app restricts.

Within this app, there's an opportunity to earn a creator's verified badge, visible to fellow Instander users. Its entirely free nature is a significant draw, leading to a growing number of daily downloads. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Instander boasts a plethora of features awaiting your exploration. Let's dive in and see what it has to offer.

What is Instander Mod Apk?

Instagram Mod APK, a tweaked version of Instagram, offers functionalities quite akin to those of Instander APK. However, when it comes to actual performance, many users express a marked preference for Instander APK over the Instagram Mod APK.

While Instagram Mod provides features such as downloading media, maintaining anonymity, and viewing stories among others, it hasn't managed to eclipse the widespread acclaim and superior performance associated with Instander APK.

Is Instander Better Than Instagram?

While Instander boasts certain features that give it an edge over the official Instagram app, it's important to remember that Instagram is the genuine platform, and Instander is its modified counterpart. Modified apps often run the risk of being banned after short usage periods. Thus, users should weigh these considerations when determining which app aligns best with their needs.

What is the use of Instander App?

Instander App allows users to save videos and images from creators, take on the role of a creator to monetize their content, archive stories, and utilize a ghost mode. It's a beloved alternative to the traditional Instagram platform, embraced by many.

Is There any Modded Instagram?

Indeed, Instander APK is a modified version of Instagram that users opt for to access enhanced features unavailable in the standard Instagram app. This very allure of additional functionalities is why many gravitate towards the Instander APK as their go-to Instagram variant.


Features of Instander App

Follow Celebrities and Influencers

On this platform, you have the chance to connect with renowned celebrities and influencers. Everyone who actively posts content is available for you to follow. When you come across profiles that pique your interest, simply hit the 'follow' button to engage with them. By doing so, you'll be updated with their latest posts, be it videos, photos, or stories, right in your personal feed.

Become a Creator

The beauty of this platform is that it empowers you to wear the creator's hat. Whether you envision yourself as an influencer, blogger, or any other type of content creator, you can achieve it by adhering to the platform's guidelines. Additionally, as you amass a significant following, you'll likely have the chance to monetize your content through sponsored partnerships, opening avenues to earn from your creative endeavors.

Get Verified Badge

On Instander, securing a verified profile badge is straightforward. Unlike platforms where you might need to amass a specific follower count, here, a simple gesture of gratitude, like a donation to the app's developer, can do the trick. In reciprocation, the developer bestows upon you the coveted verification badge, allowing you to showcase your verified status proudly within the Instander community.

Download Photos and Videos

The yearning to save videos and photos from Instagram has long been a common wish. With the Instander app, this feature is now within reach. Simply visit the profile of the person you follow, select the post you wish to save, and hit the download option. Voilà! You can effortlessly store their content without a hitch.

Enable or Disable Message Replies

You have the flexibility to turn message replies on or off for your stories as you see fit. If you'd rather not be inundated with unsolicited responses from your audience, you can easily disable this feature. It's a handy way to maintain your peace of mind and ensure no unwanted interruptions.

Save Stories in Archive

With the option to archive your stories, you can preserve them indefinitely. If you're keen on retaining those memories without compromising space, this feature proves invaluable.

No Advertisements

Instander offers an ad-free environment. Those pesky pop-ups and video interruptions can be a real nuisance, but thankfully, with Instander, you can enjoy a seamless Instagram browsing experience without those distractions.

Free Downloading

Instander lets you effortlessly download both the app and any posts you'd like to keep. There's no need to shell out for subscriptions or encounter hidden fees. Everything within this app is generously offered at no charge for all users.



Instander APK is perfect for Instagram enthusiasts eager to elevate their experience. With its plethora of free features, you might find yourself leaning more towards Instander than the regular Instagram. Ready to give it a go? We've provided a direct download link right here on our page. Just a quick click and you're on your way! And, after exploring, feel free to share your thoughts on Instander APK in our comments section below.


Q. Is Instander App Offered in Recognized App Stores?

No, the Instander App is not offered in recognized app stores because it is modified version of official application.

Q. Is it Secure to use Instander App?

The safety and security of these applications cannot be assured because they are not officially authorized or supported by the developers of the original apps. When downloading and running modified apps, you should take caution for privacy.

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