Bitaim Mod Apk (Unlocked)

Bitaim Mod Apk

App Name Bitaim Mod Apk
Publisher Bitaim
Genre Tools
Size 28 MB
Latest Version v3.6.68
MOD Unlocked
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Update 10 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What is Bitaim Mod APK?

2.What is the Mod of APK?

3.Why download Bitaim Mod APK?

4.What are the best features of Bitaim Mod APK?

  • Rules

  • Gold Coins

  • Modes of Gaming

  • Profile

  • Chat Option

5.What's new in Bitaim Mod APK?

  • Ads Free

  • Unlimited Money

  • Unlocked Premium Features

6.How to download Bitaim Mod APK?



Games are played all over the world to get unlimited entertainment and have fun in free and boring time. People play different games according to their interests. Carrom pool is one of the amazing games played all over the world. For carrom player it's very important to hit the target and get all the praise. For this purpose, we have introduced a very worthy tool that helps the players to set their targets and achieve them successfully. Bitaim Mod APK is a standard version which allows you to enjoy the game to its fullest with the mind-blowing features of the games like unlimited coins.

You can make a profile in the game that shows all your past experiences of the game. It has different modes in it, you can play with other players or also in training mode, which is best for trainees and beginners. For becoming pro player in carrom pool, you should download this app now and get help to set your targets and achieve them in carrom board easily.

Bitaim Mod Apk-1

What is Bitaim Mod APK?

Bitaim Mod APK allows you to aim your target ideally in the carrom pool game, it helps you to become a pro trainer. Those who wish to become a pro carrom player in future should give a try to this app, it’s a helping tool which can make you learn all the rules and techniques in the game.

It has amazing feature in it, people can play and chat while playing also in this APK version premium features are unlocked so you can get unlimited coins and can buy anything in the game with no hesitation at get this app download it first from the link then you have to register and make a profile, You can enjoy all the premium tools in the game in this standard version.

What is the Mod of APK?

In this hacked version of the app, you are given access to all the premium and amazing features in the game where you can have unlimited coins and buy any tool, anything in the game, that makes you progress more and more. This mod version is all free to download and play, get it now from the link given and become the best carrom player as it teaches you to aim your target successfully. This mod also allows you to have ad free game, it means you play without any hindrance and disturbance in the game. Bitaim Mod APK is the best gaming app which helps you in practical gaming life, give it a try and you will never regret downloading it.

Why download Bitaim Mod APK?

If you are a pure fan of carrom games, and to be pro gamer, this is the best app you are looking for, we got you. You should download it now and enjoy the premium features in it. The best part is that it teaches you a lot of stuff during the games. It tells you how to hit your target ideally and how to be a master of the game. You can definitely interact with other players in the game so you can discuss and see the techniques of the game. Unlimited coins in the game allow you to earn everything you desire for. Its ads free feature in the game is the most amazing one, it allows you to focus on the game while playing.

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What are the best features of Bitaim Mod APK?

There are some great and fascinating features of this bitaim mod apk which you can enjoy throughout the use of this app and these are a must have. SO if you would like to know about these features before you download the app then keep on reading!


There are certain rules of the carrom game that you have to follow, this app teaches you all those rules, and makes you a pro as a trainer. Following all the rules in a game will definitely make you professional while playing it on a real carrom board and that’s impressive.

Gold Coins

With success in each level of the game you are rewarded with the gold coin that allows you to buy tools and stuff in the game; these coins are helpful for many purposes and help you in getting better equipment in the game.

Modes of Gaming

There are two different modes of gaming, one is one on one game, it means you have an opponent in the game as you have to beat him, using bitaim Mod APK it's very easy, and the other mode is trainee mode, that allows you to learn the game. In training mode people learn the rules and features of the game.


In the game you will have to make a profile which shows all the past experience of the game. Your profile helps other players to see your gaming skills and you can also see how capable your opponent is. Your profile shows how many games you have played and how much score you have scored in past games.

Chat Option

In the game for interaction purposes there's also an option of chatting, interacting with other players makes you more skillful and confident in the game. This chatting option makes the game more attractive and players love it.

Bitaim Mod Apk-3

What's new in Bitaim Mod APK?

Now lets see some of the latest features of this app so that you can enjoy these features too.

Ads Free

To avoid hindrance and disturbance in the game, and to let you focus properly, we have omitted all unwanted ads in the game, that makes the game more smooth and joyful.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited money in the game allows you to buy and purchase everything you want, better equipment and tools in the game makes the game more interesting. Remember this option is only on this modified version.

Unlocked Premium Features

Its unlocked premium features attract the mass the most, because in this modified version all those features that are usually locked in standard games are unlocked so players can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Now after reading this if you are feeling like you would love to download the app then you can check out the section below to download this app.

How to download Bitaim Mod APK?

It's Very easy to download this modified version from the mod websites. So, you don’t need to worry about its installation and downloading. In your smartphone you can easily download this app by following steps, just clicking on the link installation option will pop up on your screen then the app will start downloading, and you can open it, make a profile and play whenever you want. And it's all free to download and use. These easy download steps will help you get the app on your phone instantly without any trouble.

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You can use Bitaim Mod APK app to become the best player in the world, it teaches you a lot of skills of carrom pool. If you are a die-hard fan of carrom pool game you should try this tooling app once in a lifetime, it helps you aiming your targets and makes you more skillful. Then this game offers you a lot of fun features too, like chatting, unlimited coins, its premium features, unlocked ads, free options and most important thing it's offline learning mode. There is also a chatting option which makes the game more attractive and players love it. you can open it make a profile and play whenever you want. And it's all free to download and use.


Q. Is this game all free to download?

Yes definitely, Bitaim Mod APK is all free to download and play.

Q. Can we play offline in the game?

Yes, there are two modes available, one is online, that’s against an opponent and the other one is offline that teaches you all the rules and skills.

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