Face App Pro Mod Apk (For Android)

Face App Pro Mod Apk

App Name Face App Pro Mod Apk
Publisher FaceApp Technology Ltd
Genre Photography
Size 62 MB
Latest Version v11.9.0
MOD For Android
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Update 7 months ago
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Table of Contents


  • Improved Editing Tools

  • Experience Without Ads

  • Activate Premium Filters and Effects

  • Background Retouching

  • Image Export in High Resolution

  • Simple Social Media Sharing

  • Security and privacy


  • Artificial Intelligence-Powered Beautification

  • Alter your hairstyles and colors

  • Transformation of Age

  • Gender exchange

  • Makeup operation

  • Tailored Stickers and Collages



Face App Pro MOD APK is a picture editing app for Android phones and tablets. It has a plethora of features and tools for transforming and enhancing your photographs in new and creative ways. Users have unrestricted access to a wide range of premium services by installing the Face App.


The face App presented here has numerous functions. These features are updated on a regular basis as time passes. Examine the following characteristics:

Improved Editing Tools

You can take your photo editing talents to the next level with this App. The updated edition has powerful editing features that allow you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other characteristics of your photos. You

Experience Without Ads

In contrast to the free version of Face App, the Pro MOD APK removes all intrusive adverts. This means you can enjoy an uninterrupted editing experience, focused entirely on creating amazing photos.

Activate Premium Filters and Effects

Face App gives you access to a large range of quality filters and effects that may immediately transform your images. You can experiment with numerous styles and add a touch of flair to your photographs, from vintage-inspired designs to artistic overlays.

Background Retouching

One noteworthy feature of MOD is the ability to easily modify the background of your photographs. You may replace the original background with breathtaking landscapes, cityscapes, or other intriguing scenes with a few simple taps, giving your images a whole new depth.

Image Export in High Resolution

Face App allows you to store and export your modified images in high resolution. This ensures that your photographs preserve their quality when shared across several platforms or printed for hard copies. Capture every detail and use crystal-clear photographs to show off your photography skills.

Simple Social Media Sharing

With this Pro MOD, sharing your modified photographs with friends and followers is a breeze. The software integrates seamlessly with prominent social media platforms, allowing you to share your creations instantaneously. Amazing changes and clever edits will wow your fans.

Security and privacy

When utilizing any application, privacy, and security are critical concerns. This APK addresses these concerns by implementing stringent data protection procedures. You can be confident that your photos and personal information are secure when using the app.



Some innovative and appealing features have also been incorporated for the convenience and interest of the public. Examine them as well.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Beautification

Face App Pro MOD APK's advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology enables intelligent beautifying. For a faultless appearance, the app can automatically enhance facial features, smooth out blemishes, and even change skin tone. With a simple tap, you may create amazing photographs.

Alter your hairstyles and colors

You can experiment with different haircuts and colors without committing to a permanent change. Find your ideal look and share it with your friends.

Transformation of Age

This App also has a fascinating age transformation feature. With this tool, you can add a few decades to your face and see yourself in the future. It's a great method to investigate the aging process and share the hilarious results with your friends.

Gender exchange

Face App Pro lets you witness a gender exchange metamorphosis. Simply upload your print and let the app work its magic. You will be amazed at the realistic results and have delightful participation in them with your musketeers and family.

Makeup operation

For those who love experimenting with makeup, This MOD APK offers a comprehensive makeup operation point. You can try different makeup styles, try with eye shadow, camo tones, and indeed add color to your cheeks. It's a virtual makeup plant in the win of your hand.

Tailored Stickers and Collages

With Face App, you can produce substantiated stickers and collages using your edited prints. Turn your selfies into unique stickers to use in messaging apps or design eye-catching collages for social media posts. Let your creativity shine and add a particular touch to your digital creations.

Face App


Installing the Face App Pro is an easy task. Anyhow, a step-by-step companion is handed below to install and set up this App on your Android Phone:

Search for the Face App Pro MOD APK train in any Hunt Machine. You can search for it on estimable third-party websites or forums. Make sure to download the rearmost interpretation of the APK train. Before installing the APK train, you need to enable the" Unknown Sources" option on your device. Open the training director on your Android device and navigate to the brochure where you downloaded the MOD APK train. Tap on the APK train to begin the installation process. Advisement will appear asking for your evidence. Click" Install" to do this. The installation process may take many moments. Be patient and avoid interposing the process. Once the installation is complete, you'll see the Face App Pro icon on your home screen or app hole. Tap on the icon to launch the app. This App may bear certain warrants to serve duly. Follow the on-screen prompts to grant the necessary warrants to the app.


Q. Can I use this App on iOS bias?

No, it's designed specifically for Android bias. iOS druggies can explore the original Face App available on the App Store.

Q. Can I return the changes made by Face App Pro?

Yes, you can return the changes made by this App. The app provides options to undo edits or restore the original image painlessly.

Q. Are there any limitations in the Pro MOD interpretation?

No, MOD APK removes all limitations set up in the free interpretation of the app. You can enjoy all decoration features without any restrictions.

Q. Can I partake in my edited prints directly from Face App Pro?

Yes, Face App Pro APK offers flawless integration with popular social media platforms, making it easy to partake in your edited prints with musketeers and followers.

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