KineMaster Old Version Mod Apk (For Android)

Kinemaster Old Version Mod Apk

App Name KineMaster Old Version Mod Apk
Publisher KineMaster Corporation
Genre Video Players & editors
Size 59 MB
Latest Version v7.2.5.31035.GP
MOD For Android
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Update 3 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What Is KineMaster APK?

2.What Is KineMaster Mod APK?

3.Is It Safe To Download KineMaster APK?

4.What Is KineMaster Used For?


  • Easy and Simple to use

  • Edit your Videos

  • Use Multiple Effects

  • Variety of Filters

  • Music and Sound Effect

  • Transitions and Animations

  • 4K Video Quality

6.Mod Features

  • No Ads

  • No Watermark

  • Free Premium Tools

  • Alternative Apps:



Are you searching for a video editing application? Then you must be glad to hear that I am going to introduce you to an incredible video editing application named KineMaster Old Version Mod APK. Editing pictures and videos is always an exciting task for people, they love to create memories by clicking pictures and making videos and they love to watch these videos in edited versions, but it was always so hard for users to search for such awesome editing applications.

Most of the applications do not contain all type of editing tools so users have to use many editing applications just for creating one video, all of this was looking so hectic for users and they were always expecting from developers to create such a complete application where they can have all the editing options together and they can freely edit their videos without any interruption and considering their demands many applications were created but none of them can beat the editing tools and editing options available in KineMaster because it has all those features that are required for editing pictures and videos.

Kinemaster Mod Apk-2

What Is KineMaster APK?

There are many video editing applications on the play store but KineMaster has its own unique fan following and any user can use this application without doing too much effort. Users who are fond of editing videos and other stuff are always looking for such applications so that they can create incredible videos but no such application were available on the internet and they couldn't find any application that has all types of editing tools and then KineMaster was introduced that has many incredible features and users can learn it easily to operate because it has a unique and user-friendly interface.

It has a variety of features and editing tools so that you can create the best video of all, here you can use certain filters to make your video more dramatic and interesting and it also provides its users with multiple themes and stickers to make the video more interesting.  There are certain effects and some premium features that are locked and users are not allowed to access them for free but still, there are a lot of different features that make this application more interesting.

What Is KineMaster Mod APK?

KineMaster Mod APK is one of the best video editing applications and users can edit as many videos as they can here without putting so much effort in it because it has a very simple and unique interface and anyone can operate easily. There were certain limitations in the old version and users do not seem happy with it, here many useless notifications and Ads pop up on the screen while editing videos, and users were interrupted because of them but now the modified version of KineMaster Mod APK is free of all such interruptions and it is completely free of Ads. There were certain filters and some other features that were locked in previous applications and users have to pay for accessing those features but now all the premium features are unlocked in KineMaster Old Version Mod Apk, so that users do not have to spend their money for unlocking them.

Is It Safe To Download KineMaster APK?

The very first question that comes to the mind of users is the safety of their device before downloading any application on their device, the KineMaster APK is completely safe to download on any type of device and users can install it easily from any website or even from the play store. If users are downloading the old version of KineMaster where all the premium features were locked they can easily download it from the play store because it is safe to download and does not involve any type of malware or virus in it, users can also install the modified version of this application on their device but as in mod version all the features are already unlocked and it is mainly created by third-party developers so users have to install it from any safe and secure third-party website.

What Is KineMaster Used For?

KineMaster is loved by users who love to do professional edits on their videos and there are many other applications that allow its users to edit videos but still KineMaster Old Version Mod APK is the best-known application because it has all types of editing tools required for professional like editing, users are allowed to use different effects and filters on their videos and they are also allowed to make videos in their own preferred quality that means it has all those materials and options that a professional editor requires for editing videos.

Users can create a professional-like video even if they are not pros at editing because the interface and editing tools are so easy to use that even any beginner can create a professional-like video edit. People are using the modified version of KineMaster because there they can access all types of premium features easily and they do not have to pay for all those features. This application is easy to use and it occupies a very small space so it can be downloaded on any type of device.

Kinemaster 1


There are unlimited features of KineMaster's old version Mod APK and here I am going to mention some of the important features:

Easy and Simple to use

People are loving KineMaster because of its outstanding features that are easy to use and it gives users a chance to create a professional video by using only a single application the interface of this application is designed so neatly that even a person who wants to create videos on initial stages can easy learn how to operate this application because its interface is so user-friendly that anyone can become familiar to it within no time and they do not have to put much efforts for understanding its basic operating mechanism because of its all these features now any can make their video edits like a professional videographer.

Edit your Videos

The KineMaster APK is becoming everyone's favorite because of its incredible and easy-to-use features and it offers users all types of editing tools if you want to trim or cut any video you can simply do that by clicking on a few giving options, similarly, any other type of edits can be made easily, users can simply compile all the small clips to create a video within few minutes, it does not require any complex procedure for that users can learn how to crop and cut videos within few minutes without using much of their brain.

Use Multiple Effects

The KineMaster APK is the simplest and easy-to-use application and because of its interface it can be easily operated on any type of device it has a variety of editing options to make user's videos more eye-catching and stunning here users will find a lot of emojis and stickers and they can use these emojis and stickers to make their chats more attractive and interesting and they can also express their feelings with the help of these emojis, to express more there are also options of writing a text over pictures so that users can edit their videos in their way. There are a lot of effects here and each effect gives a separate vibe to your video and the user can choose any of those effects without doing much effort for making those effects and edits.

Variety of Filters

Video editors are always looking for perfect light and other colors adjustment to make their videos perfect video and for this purpose, KineMaster APK provides the best platform because of its wide range of editing options, here Videographers can work like professionals and can make an outstanding edits by using different color adjustment options given in that application. Users can apply any of the given filters and for making the video a perfect masterpiece they can also adjust other parameters like warmth and colors of the videos so that whenever users create a video they can give it a different look.

Music and Sound Effect

KineMaster APK is an amazing application where you can find any type of editing tool in one place, there are many options for making your videos more perfect and interesting, where users are allowed to adjust the background sounds they are allowed to simply muting them and they can also put any music sound from the music library given there. Besides this users can also adjust the portion of song the want to play particularly with their video they can simply select a song and can adjust it according to the video portion within a few minutes and it does not require any such special skill for doing that.

Transitions and Animations

There are few videographers who want to make their videos cool and aesthetic for such users KineMaster comes with many interesting options for transitions and animation and they can make their videos more dramatic and interesting by using these animated looks, all these features and editing options are hard to locate in any other video editing application.

4K Video Quality

This application comes with the best editing tools where you can crop, time, and can add clips to your video to make it perfect along with it there are also many effects and other filters in this application and users can use these effects and filters on their video easily after editing video users can save this video in many ranges of qualities from 480P to 4K and they can save this video in their device in best possible picture quality. After editing videos users can share them with their loved ones easily by using any other social media application.


Mod Features

Here is the list of some of the important mod features of KineMaster Old Version Mod APK:

No Ads

The old version of KineMaster had many useless restrictions and users were also interrupted in between while using this application it usually disturbs them while doing some great edits so the recently introduced Mod version is free of all such limitations and it comes with an Ad free policy that means you can edit now videos without any interruption of useless advertisements.

No Watermark

The modified version of this application has many new exciting features that were not available on any other application here users are allowed to watermark of application after editing the videos and they can access any of their favorite features easily here.

Free Premium Tools

KineMaster is loved by millions of videographers because of its outstanding features and unlimited exciting filters and effects everyone is preferring it because not only it gives you a professional video editing platform but it is very easy to handle as well but some features were not accessible in the old version and users have to pay for those premium features but now modified version comes with unlimited free premium features so that you can enjoy all the features of this application.

Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk

Alternative Apps:

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Among all other video editing applications, KineMaster is considered one of the best applications because it allows its users to enjoy professional video editing experiences, it has many editing options users can crop, and trim their videos and they can also add several effects to the video to make it unique and there is also variety of options of adding filters here. Users are allowed to adjust the light and colors of the video and to make it more interesting users are allowed to add background music to the video.


Q. Can I download KineMaster Old Version Mod APK on a low-storage device?

Yes, you can download KineMaster Old Version Mod APK on the type of device.

Q. Are there many filters and effects in KineMaster Old Version Mod APK?

Yes, there are many filters and effects in this application.

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