Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk (Paid/Patcher)

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk

App Name Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk
Publisher Nova Launcher
Genre Personalization
Size 13 MB
Latest Version v8.0.13
MOD Paid/Patcher
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Update 10 months ago
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Table of Contents


  • Customize Icons

  • Gestures

  • Unread Count

  • Custom Drawer Group

  • Hide Apps

  • Icon Swipes

  • More Scroll Effects

  • Sub Grid Positioning

2.New Features

  • Backup and Restore

  • Free Of Cost

  • High-Speed Intensity

3.How To Install


Tired of the same old features on your phone? Many of you quickly grow bored with your phone's features, but constantly changing phones is not a practical solution. Updating the home screen can be a task that you often forget or simply don't have the time for. However, it can be truly refreshing to customize your home screen and discover new possibilities.

If you're in search of ways to modify your home screen without investing in a new phone, there are several applications available. However, not all of them work efficiently or are compatible with your device. So After extensive research, we have found an exceptional application that can revolutionize your phone experience. It's called Nova Launcher Prime Mod ApkThis app is a customizable, powerful, and versatile home screen replacement app. It has consistently been the top choice for users due to its incredible upgrade features all while remaining incredibly user-friendly.

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk 1

Also if your phone has accumulated a lot of unnecessary files and feels sluggish, you can utilize Nova Prime Cleaner to boost its functionality. This app offers users a range of features to effectively declutter their devices. So get the app now!


There are fascinating features of nova launcher prime mod apk and these are as below:

Customize Icons

You can now customize your apps on your phone and their icons too with this app. There are fancy icons for any of the apps you want to change. This is an important feature as it will let you see study apps or other such productive apps as more interesting and worth your time. You will be excited to open the app and use it thanks to these customized icons feature of this app and what's more, you can even change colors, set animal icons, or cute cartoon characters that are funny as well as adorable to keep.


Isn't it boring and time-consuming to always have to tap on icons and options to get the app navigated toward your goal? You can now enjoy app navigation through simple gestures and movements on your device. You can click a thing or two on your phone side buttons to get the task done. You can even pinch the app to make it zoom in or zoom out. There is a gesture of close and opening the app or putting it in the background so that it works in the background and doesn't shut down fully.

Unread Count

For all the business owners who have large businesses and want to keep count of their business emails or texts then they sure need an app that can help them count everything for them and they don't have to waste time doing it. So everyone who has clients or is involved in dealing with clients daily should get this app and let their work get done for them easily and instantly.

Custom Drawer Group

The custom drawer groups are based on the Nova app's success as they provide the users with the feature of customizing different folders and organizing them into files and folder sections. You can even add separate images, documents, and fun things to get your loved folders in one place. You can now have a clean organized space even on your phone to get your things done productivity throughout the day.

Hide Apps

Are there some apps that keep you away from being productive then you need to find your own perfect app to help you stay active and that will be done through this Nova launcher prime mod apk. You can then enjoy the unlimited benefits of this app along with this hide app feature. This hiding feature is indeed a good mark for getting your studies started too because it will keep you from having extra distractions while you need to be focused.

Icon Swipes

The icons on the app are easy to use and swipe through the apps and settings sections. You can even slide through icons of the app without them getting merged into folders or getting the app opened.

More Scroll Effects

You can now scroll and enjoy more effects on your scrolling. Now your Instagram or facebook scrolling can be even more fun with these scroll effects as you can instantly take screenshots, share them and even download them with simple scrolling effects. This way you can keep doing what you love while you also take actions of your choice

Sub Grid Positioning

You can now position your icons and folders in the grid and set their position on your phone. You can enjoy the unlimited grids and set them anywhere you like on your phone to access them easily from anywhere. These icons and folders can now be arranged without needing an external app.

New Features

There are new 2024 features of this app introduced and these are:

Backup and Restore

You can now backup your data and all the information like your date of birth, email address, passwords etc then you can access them anytime even when you delete the app and no longer have this information on your phone. This information keeps being stored on the app in its backup section so you can access it even after deactivation or deletion of the app.

Free Of Cost

This app is free of any money or dollars so you can use the app without spending money or spending any extra amount on any of its features. Everything is fully free and fully unlocked once you install the app on your phone so all there is needed to be done is just keep the app and enjoy!

High-Speed Intensity

The speed of this apk is way more than any other app as for navigation and its features are concerned, they are accessible instantly as well. So no need to worry about your internet speed or the speed of your app as you can get it working fast without a problem too.

Let's now see how you can install this app completely on your device.

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk 2

How To Install

This Nova launcher mod known as Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk can give a resonating interface to that of IOS and iPhone. So the easy steps for installing it are as follows:

  • You can start with the initial and crucial step of downloading the application of Nova Launcher Prime Mod on your phone and then afterward a way to install it on your phone.
  • Make sure that there are no other modified versions of the Nova launcher app on your Android or IOS. If anything, you need to Uninstall them first.
  • Before you begin make sure that when you log into your Nova Launcher Prime account, you have your data backed up, otherwise, your data will be lost.
  • Now make a quick search for the 'allow downloads from unknown sources’ button somewhere in the Settings.
  • When it is quickly enabled then Go back to the official website of Nova Launcher Prime mod or the link from where you downloaded the app first.
  • Navigate to and open the folder where your Nova Launcher Prime Mod apk file is saved, and look for your x app file by its name.
  • When you find the Nova Launcher Prime Mod apk file click on the install button that shows up on the screen.
  • The installation will begin and be completed instantly.
  • Once the installation efficient procedure is done, the Nova Launcher Prime apk will pop up with other applications on your cell phone’s homepage.
  • Enjoy the modded features when you log in to the app account and consider it the last step!


Q. Is the Nova launcher prime mod apk safe to use?

Yes this app is safe to use.

Q. Is Nova Launcher Prime free?

Yes, the Nova Launcher Prime is free

Q. Should I get Nova Launcher Prime?

Yes you should definitely get this app, it’s the best!

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