Paytm Mod Apk (10.3.0 / Mod: Unlimited Money)

Paytm Mod Apk

App Name Paytm Mod Apk
Publisher Paytm - One97 Communications Ltd.
Genre Lifestyle
Size 78 MB
Latest Version v10.38.3
MOD 10.3.0 / Mod: Unlimited Money
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Update 9 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What is the Paytm Apk?

2.What is the Paytm MOD APK?

3.Why is Paytm so Successful in India?

4.Can I use Paytm without a bank Account?

5.Features of the Paytm App

  • Send and Receive Money Easily

  • Pay from Your Wallet

  • Scan QR Code

  • Pay Your Bills

  • Get Phone Recharged

6.Features of the Paytm MOD APK

  • Increased Transfer Limit

  • Increased Monthly Limit

  • Free from Offers and Ads



Many new technologies have been introduced in the world and that's why life has become so much easier. In the previous time, we were not able to send and receive money from distant friends easily, we had to use the means that took more than 2 days or even weeks to transfer money. But now many apps have been introduced that allow you to transfer money to any of your friends within seconds. There are many such apps available in the market and one of the most trusted apps is Paytm Mod Apk.

Paytm has been used by most Indians. This app allows you to do every single task from home, for example, you will be able to recharge your mobile phone with the help of this app, you will also be able to pay utility bills and you can even transfer the money to any of your friends in seconds. You can even send money to a bank account, to another Paytm account and to any other application. If you are a regular user of this app then we recommend you read this article.

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What is the Paytm Apk?

Paytm Apk is an app for your transactions online. You can do many things from this app like you can book flight tickets, and movie tickets and you can also book hotels from the app. It will also give you heavily discounted deals which you can only avail of with Paytm.

This app belongs to the lifestyle category because this app has made life so easy. It is a money transfer app and with the help of it, you can pay all your bills while staying at home. You will also be able to transfer money to any other bank account. This app will also allow you to do online shopping from home as well.

What is the Paytm MOD APK?

Paytm has two versions one is normal and the other one is premium which offers you some more features that will help you and the mod version allows you to use those features. Paytm is a mobile application for your transactions at home. You now do all of your transactions on one app.

It is the mod version of the Paytm app. In the Paytm app, there is a certain limit on the daily transfers and withdrawals but with the help of this hacked version, you will be able to increase the transfer limit as well as the withdrawal limit. Moreover, there will be no ads in the modified version of Paytm.

Why is Paytm so Successful in India?

Paytm is an e-wallet and it has so many users in India because this app has been accepted by all the different platforms whether it is online shopping, online bill payments or online transfers to any bank account. This app is trusted and there will be no threats regarding this app.

Can I use Paytm without a bank Account?

It is the most unique feature of the Paytm app because to use this app there is no need for a bank account, you can simply send and receive money in the Paytm wallet and you will have to make the Purchases directly from your Paytm wallet. However, you can send money to any bank account with the help of this app.

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Features of the Paytm App

Send and Receive Money Easily

Paytm will allow you to send and receive money easily in your wallet. You can make daily transactions to any other bank account and you will also be able to send money to the Paytm account as well.

Pay from Your Wallet

You can easily do online shopping with the help of the Paytm app and pay from the E-wallet. This app is compatible with all the brands in India and they receive payments from this App easily.

Scan QR Code

Due to the problem of cash, some shopkeepers have also got the Paytm QR code. You can easily scan this code with the help of your Paytm app and in this way, you will be able to transfer money to the Paytm accounts of the shopkeepers.

Pay Your Bills

You will also be able to pay your utility bills with the help of this app. In this way, you will not have to go out of your house and wait for your turn. If you don't have much time or can't go outside due to some reasons to pay the bill before the last date then don't worry Paytm has taken the whole bank to your home. This means you can pay your utility bill through Paytm before the last date and this feature will save you time so much. You can pay your bill anywhere.

Get Phone Recharged

You can also get a recharge for your mobile device with the help of this app. This app is supported by all mobile networks like Airtel, Vodafone and all the other networks as well.

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Features of the Paytm MOD APK

Increased Transfer Limit

With the help of the Paytm Mod APK, you can increase your daily transfer limit.

Increased Monthly Limit

You can also increase the monthly limit for your Paytm account. In the original app there is a limit that has been set for your transactions. If the transactions have reached their limit then you cannot do more after that. But in the Mod version we will get the premium features and the premium version has increased the limit. Now you can make unlimited transactions.

Free from Offers and Ads

This mod version is also free from all kinds of unwanted offers and ads. In the Mod version, you can skip all the ads and offers for a lifetime. The Mod version offers us an application without promotional ads. So you can freely use your application without getting interrupted by pointless and annoying ads.


If you are the one who does not want to visit banks day by day in order to get your payments done then you can go for the Paytm app. The Paytm application is the most famous app in India for payments and all. It also offers a premium version with more advanced features which are also available in the Mod version. So if you don't want to spend money on the app you can download that.

But it has a daily transfer limit, to get rid of all these limits, you can get its mod version by clicking on the link provided in this article.


Q. What is the daily transfer limit of Paytm?

You can transfer up to 1 lakh in a day.

Q. Is Paytm a paid App?

There are some features that are paid but you can use them in the mod version for free.

Q. Can you update the Mod version of PayTM from the Play Store?

No, you can’t update the Mod version of PlayTM from the Play Store.

Q. Does Paytm deduct tax?

Any transfer amount which is up to 1 lakh is taxable.

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