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Playit MOD APK

App Name Playit MOD APK
Genre Video Players & editors
Size 48 MB
Latest Version v2.7.11.1
MOD For Android
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Update 7 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What is the Playit APK?

2.What is Playit MOD APK?

3.Which Player Can Play Playit Videos?

4.Is Playit MOD APK Safe to Download?

5.Features of Playit APK

  • Supports all videos and Audios Format

  • Make a collection of your Media

  • Inbuilt VPN Browser

  • Play Videos and Audio in the Background

  • Video to Audio Converter

  • Add Subtitle to Your Videos

  • Manage Playback Content

6.Features of Palyit MOD APK

  • VIP features Unlocked

  • No Ads



Receiving audio and video is viable at the same time as the usage of a cell phone. When the format is special, you now and again want an additional app to play these media. It is inconvenient to use another app for playing these audio and videos.

Although various apps are available on the internet. These will not support both audio and video. If one app plays the audio but is enabled to play the videos. So, you need to download another app. But here is the solution to your problems, and it is the Playit MOD APK.

This app allows you to play both media. Moreover, you can download videos in all formats with this software. You may moreover download songs from the videos. Playit app offers notable features. You will learn all about the features in this post.


What is the Playit APK?

Playit app is a useful app, and users can use this as a media player. When you have different audio and video media on your mobile, it will not play it. Because you are facing the issue of media format. In this situation, use the Play It app and play media in all formats. Additionally, you may view it online and download the song for your mobile tool.

What is Playit MOD APK?

Playit MOD is the advanced version of the standard app, where you will get access to all the premium features. These features are locked in the standard app. With the help of the MOD version, you can unlock all the VIP features without paying any cost. The most writable features of the advanced version are no ads.

Which Player Can Play Playit Videos?

The Playit app offers you access to videos that are not played in different formats. On this app, all of the formats are available, and you may play the videos. Further, social media videos can also open in this app.

Is Playit MOD APK Safe to Download?

You can get the reliable version of this app from the Play keep in case you are concerned about your safety. Stir to the MOD model of the Playit app rather if you want access to all of the premium variations of this software. It is available on this website, and the Playit MOD APK is safe to download on your Android device.


Features of Playit APK

The Playit app is useful, and you can use it to play videos in any format. It has many stunning features that you can use after getting this app on your device. The following are the functions of this app:

Supports all videos and Audios Format

The main feature of the Playit app is supporting all videos and audio formats. For instance, if you want to play at 4K or 1080p this app includes FLV, 3GP, M4v, MKV, MPG and various other formats. Further, it also permits you to play the audio using different formats available in the app. So, you will not need to download separate apps for audio and video playing.

Make a collection of your Media

Playit app helps you to manage all the media files within the app. When you receive a file, it will automatically add it to the PLayit library. So, you can open it and find your file supporting the available media players within the app.

Inbuilt VPN Browser

Play It offers an inbuilt VPN browser. It is a wonderful feature of this app. You can see this for free browsing and watching your favourite content. You will not face any restriction for watching any content on it. Moreover, you can also download your favorite content directly to your devices as a download button option is available on the page. Further, you will not face any geographical issues for watching your favorite content. You can also download audio as well as cedis with the help of a built-in VPN browser.

Play Videos and Audio in the Background

You can complete the work with background windows and floating windows. For instance, if you are not using the app, you can still lay the videos and audio in the background. It is a useful function of this app.

Video to Audio Converter

Playit not only works as a media player, it also has many other functions. It will also help the user to convert the media easily. Sometimes, users want to listen to some videos instead of watching them. So, the Playit app gives you the option to convert the videos into audio format. You can play this audio in your background and enjoy it. You will find this option supporting a;l the formats.

Add Subtitle to Your Videos

The Playit app allows users to add subtitles to the videos. For this purpose, you can open the browser and get some online titles. You can simply download the titles and place them on your videos.

Manage Playback Content

When you use the Playit app, it allows you to manage playback content. You can easily adjust the playback settings of the media using this app. For example, you can adjust the speed, brightness and volume of the playback media. Further, when using the headphones you can apply the pause option on the videos.


Features of Palyit MOD APK

Mod version is a more advanced version and you will get access to more enhanced features in the Playit MOD APK. The following features are included in it:

VIP features Unlocked

In this MOD version, users will get access to all the locked features available unlocked. For instance, you can get access to unlimited MP3 converters. You will also be allowed to use the unlimited skins.

No Ads

When you are watching your favorite content on screen ads will interrupt you. In this way, you will be disturbed. But by using the PLayit MOD, and get the feature of no ads. You will not see any advertisements on the screen.



Play It MOD APK is the solution to all your problems. There is no need to download a separate app for playing audio and videos. Moreover, this program gives you entry to nearly all formats. This software is downloaded and used by hundreds of thousands of Android users. You'll acquire the URL from this page, and the downloading system is also trustworthy.


Q. Is Play It free to download?

Yes, you can get the link to Playit MOD APK free of cost from this website.

Q. Why is My PLayit MOD APK not installed?

Sometimes, you are facing this issue because you the older version of this app. If you want to get the latest version, visit this page get the link and use it on your device.

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