Youtube Premium Mod Apk Download (For Andriod)

Youtube Premium Mod Apk Download

App Name Youtube Premium Mod Apk Download
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Social
Size 78 MB
Latest Version v19.06.36
MOD For Andriod
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Table of Contents

1.What is Youtube Premium Apk?

2. What is Youtube Premium Mod Apk?

3.Can I watch Hindi movies on Youtube Premium Mod Apk?

4.Is there a kid's channel on Youtube Premium Mod Apk?


  • Explore a Huge Video Library

  • Short and Long Videos

  • Simple and Easy User Interface

  • Create Your Channel and Upload Videos

  • Personalization Feature of Application

  • Download Videos to Watch Offline

  • Kids and Age Restricted Feature

  • Earn from Your Content

6.Mod Features

  • Ad Free Videos



The importance of entertainment apps is undeniable, no matter who you are – whether you lean towards introversion or extroversion. We all crave our dose of entertainment to keep us lively and engaged throughout the day, ensuring that our days are enjoyable and fulfilling. Entertainment breathes life into us, acting as a motivating and invigorating source that empowers us to tackle our daily tasks without succumbing to stress.

YouTube Premium Mod Apk stands as one of the most beloved and renowned sources of entertainment apps, a name that resonates with nearly every individual inhabiting our planet. It's a rare sight to encounter someone who hasn't embraced YouTube on their device, as it has earned its reputation as the ultimate wellspring of amusement. No matter what kind of video content you seek, YouTube is like a treasure trove that rarely disappoints. The reviews for YouTube travel through word-of-mouth, and it's a rarity to stumble upon a negative sentiment about this platform.

Within the realm of YouTube Premium Mod Apk, a treasure trove of captivating features awaits, each designed to whisk you away on a journey of exceptional entertainment – all from the comfort of your own home. But that's not all; YouTube isn't merely a stage for consuming content. It's a bustling platform where countless individuals have discovered opportunities to share their own brand of captivating and engaging material, even finding avenues to earn a living through their creative efforts.


What is Youtube Premium Apk?

YouTube Premium Apk stands as a massive entertainment hub that never fails to captivate you with its content. Tailoring to your preferences, this app curates content that resonates with your interests. Whether you're seeking specific subjects or broader themes, you'll discover a plethora of videos, ranging from concise clips to more extended features. Diverse categories await your exploration, and if you're inclined, you can even embark on your own channel for a truly enjoyable experience. Notably, YouTube offers a dedicated Kids TV section, ensuring youngsters have their share of amusement. Serving as the ultimate entertainment destination, YouTube boasts a wide array of videos spanning various categories, making sure there's something for everyone.

What is Youtube Premium Mod Apk?

YouTube Premium Mod APK is a free, modified version of the app made available for the Android operating system by a third-party developer. Unlike the original YouTube Premium app, you no longer have to pay monthly subscription fees; instead, you can enjoy everything on the world's largest video-viewing platform for free. When it comes to YouTube Premium APK, you can enjoy all of the videos with exclusive content and much more.

Can I watch Hindi movies on Youtube Premium Mod Apk?

Yes, you can watch Hindi movies too.

Is there a kid's channel on Youtube Premium Mod Apk?

Yes, there is a separate option for the kid's channel where you can see only kids-related content.

Youtube Apk


Explore a Huge Video Library

You can now have fun exploring the massive video library on YouTube which features billions of different videos that were uploaded throughout the years, by both amateur and professional content creators.

Feel free to search for videos in various categories such as Trending, Music, Gaming, Beauty, News, Learning, and many more. Alternatively, you can browse the various genres such as Comedy, Documentary, News Updates, and many more. This will ensure that you can always find appropriate content to watch and enjoy.

Short and Long Videos

With YouTube Premium Mod Apk, you've got a world of videos at your fingertips! Whether you're in the mood for a quick clip or a deep dive on a topic, it's all there waiting for you. Choose what suits your moment.

Simple and Easy User Interface

Dive into Youtube Premium Mod Apk and you'll immediately notice its user-friendly vibe. No tech-savvy skills are needed - it's like a welcoming door open for everyone, regardless of your tech know-how. Searching for hassle-free entertainment? YouTube's got your back. It's like your cozy couch corner for videos.

Create Your Channel and Upload Videos

With YouTube Premium Mod Apk, it's like having a little corner of the internet all to yourself! Set up your own channel, and share stories, memories, or skills, just like countless others do. Whether it's an exciting vlog series, a step-by-step tutorial, or enlightening informational videos, you have the freedom to express and share. As more people discover and enjoy your content, watch your channel flourish and grow.

Personalization Feature of Application

It is simple to customize your YouTube watch preferences, making it very convenient for Android users to choose what to watch and what is displayed on their recommendations. Here, you can get started by joining the channels of your favorite content producers. You will now be alerted whenever new videos are released by them, and you can even enable notifications for these videos.

Alternatively, you can "like" specific videos to let the app know what subjects, authors, or specific kinds of content you are interested in. Additionally, search through your saved, liked, and watched videos in the Library to quickly browse through your newly updated watch lists.

Download Videos to Watch Offline

Even though we live in a time when Wi-Fi is available everywhere we go, you can find comfort in the fact that YouTube Premium also enables you to watch videos offline. Yes, you would need to download the video first before using this feature, which calls for an internet connection.

It would be beneficial to pre-download the videos and watch them later to pass the time, though, if you have travel plans or will be in a sketchy camp where your mobile network will not work. It is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it because this is useful when you are attempting to save unnecessary data.

Kids and Age Restricted Feature

YouTube users will now have the option to manage their family video preferences, making the app more suitable to use. Due to their inability to distinguish between different types of videos, children can easily be exposed to inappropriate content. Parents can therefore personalize what their family watches on YouTube by using the helpful YouTube app. Make use of the YouTube Kid app to remove all adult material. OR alter the preferences in your default app.

Earn from Your Content

When you create a channel and upload videos to it, lots of people watch it, your account grows over time, and after monetization, you can easily make money from YouTube. You receive a certain amount of money for each video you upload, and when your channel or account becomes very popular on YouTube, you can also earn silver and golden buttons.

Youtube Apk.1

Mod Features

Ad Free Videos

YouTube Premium APK provides a better experience than regular YouTube because there are no advertisements before or during videos. With this service, you will only see third-party banners or search engine-sponsored advertisements, making for a more enjoyable viewing experience! You can watch ad-free videos on any device or platform where you sign in with your Google Account, including compatible smart TVs/gaming consoles, the YouTube Music app if it is available in your area, and mobile apps like YouTube Kids.


YouTube is a fantastic entertainment app with a wide range of content. You can also earn money by uploading your content to this platform. However, if you want to remove The Annoying ads on YouTube, you can do so by downloading YouTube Premium Mod APK.

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Q. What is the file size of the YouTube Premium MOD APK?

YouTube Premium Mod is 121 MB in size.

Q. Can I use my Android tablet to download Youtube Premium Mod Apk?

Yes, you can use your Android tablet to download Youtube Premium Mod.

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