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App Name BitLife MOD APK
Publisher Candywriter, LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 167 MB
Latest Version v3.12.5
MOD MOD, Purchased Bitizenship/God Mode
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Update 10 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What is new in BitLife MOD APK?

2.Dominating Features of BitLife MOD APK

3.Why Download BitLife MOD APK?

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4.BitLife MOD APK iOS and Android Updates 2024

BitLife MOD is an interesting Real Life Simulation Android game developed and released by Candywriter LLC back in 2018. Basically, BitLife is a type of “Visual Novel Game” in which you discover and shape your Life Stories according to your Desire.

From Interactive gameplay to tons of super-cool Features and amazing Text-based Graphics, BitLife offers “Master Class” in all dimensions and that’s the reason this game is counted among the most liked games of 2020 and already recorded around 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.


If you are looking for the Latest MOD Version of BitLife APK, then you have landed in the right place. We are offering you the BitLife MOD APK Version which includes Unlocked Citizen, Unlimited Money, and all Features Updated for Free. Download and Install the BitLife MOD APK Version from the links below.

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What is new in BitLife MOD APK?

The updated version of BitLife MOD APK adds whole new features that are not available in the Original Edition of this game. Enjoy new Events and updated quiz games in the latest version whereas participating in Weekly Challenges to earn Power-ups and Bonuses.


Moreover, BitLife MOD APK comes out with Upgraded Graphics and Improved User-Interface to provide a smooth gaming experience to all players. All you need is to download BitLife MOD APK from the Links given below and enjoy the Latest version of BitLife.

  • Features many new Events
  • New quiz games
  • Weekly Challenges, Power-ups and Bonuses
  • Improved performance
  • Upgraded Graphics
  • Bug Fixes

Dominating Features of BitLife MOD APK

Well if you like to play Realistic Simulation Video games then BitLife MOD APK would be a perfect match for you. This super-amazing game allows you to Re-live your Life by using hundreds of In-game features and become the person you want to become in your Dream Life.

Get yourself ready to Explore and Modify your own Life Story and feel free to perform anything in Bitlift. But remember one thing your actions will determine your Future so always make Wise Decisions in the development of your Ideal Character.

Your Life in BitLife starts from your Mother’s Tommy and you will get access to all those options that will help you to develop your Character. Try to do all those actions and decision that represents your personality in best possible way.

Bitlife MOD APK allows you to Assess your Personal Stats such as Happiness, Health, Looks, and many more. Your actions and decisions would affect your Personal Stats and you can also check whether your Decisions have a positive impact on your personality or not.

This super-cool stat helps you to Determine your Happiness Levels. You can perform your Tasks in more efficient ways if you are happy and you will continue with your work with Passion and Determination. However, if your Happiness Level is Low your Character will face Depression and you will not able to perform your daily routine works in a proper way.

You should remain in good health to enjoy your life to the fullest. You can participate in activities, increase your Work capabilities and learn new things if you are having good Health. Poor health not only impacts your daily work routine but also damages your Happiness Level.

We all know that Smart people always try to remain one foot ahead of other people. Be Smart and for this purpose, you have to learn new things and increase your knowledge. Never shy to accept and adopt new things in your life.

BitLife MOD APK allows you to change your Looks and become the Prettiest person on earth. For this purpose, you can take on Plastic Surgeries and transform yourself into a whole new person. Moreover, you can also switch your Gender if you like to do so.

Since BitLife MOD APK is a pure Real-Life Simulation game, players of this game can get access to every possible feature to build their own life. However, you will also suffer from the consequences of your decisions and actions.


The most important as well as most Boring activity for many players in this game but you have to work to fulfill your requirements. Honestly, you can’t skip this activity and you need to work to earn some Bucks and do your favorite chores. To tackle stress and forget daily routine mess-ups, Clubbing isn’t a bad idea.

Enjoy Clubbing, make new friends, and drinks some sips of Wine. However, stay away from Bad people especially Drug Dealers as they can put you in deep trouble. In order to maintain your Physical Health as well as body in shape, you can join Gym.

Moreover, a perfect body dual the attractiveness of your personality s you to take down some bad boys on streets with powerful Muscles. Although every person is born Beautiful if you still want to get better Looks to go for Plastic Surgery. This process will help to get an Attractive face and your chances to engage with some young girls will increase gradually.

To achieve a Highly successful career and profession, you have to study and most people often skip this process as they think study takes a too long time to complete. First, finish your Education then go out to search for the perfect job for you.

Well, there is another way for you to become rich in a quick period of time. Yes, you can choose Gambling as a profession and become Rich. However, you will find some dirty people in this business and you might lose everything in this business.

If your Luck is not supporting you in Gambling then choosing Criminal Path is another option for you. Engage yourself in Illegal Activities and earn lots of black money. But remember this path is not easy and you will face deadly consequences in upcoming times.

Despite having all Premium Features, BitLife MOD APK is still free to play video games and you can access to Google Play Store to download this game for free. However, Install Latest BitLife MOD APK to enjoy all the Updated features of this game.

Although BitLife MOD APK involves Text-based Graphics still the quality of Graphics is impressive and appealing for players of all ages. Moreover, the background sound effects take you to a Realistic World in certain situations.

Why Download BitLife MOD APK?

BitLife MOD APK is free to play Android games and you can download this game from Google Play Store. However, some of the Premium Features of BitLife MOD APK are locked and you have to pay some charges to Developers to unlock those features. In addition, In-game purchases and Android Ads are other issues faced by players while using the Original Version of this game.

To address all these issues, you have to Download and Install the latest Hacked BitLife MOD APK to enjoy all Premium Features for Free with no In-game purchases and Ads. We ensure you that our Downloading Links are 100% secure and work effectively with all kinds of Compatible devices.

  • Cracked and Latest version
  • Unlocked all Premium Features
  • Unlocked Bitizenship
  • Max Happy, Look and Health
  • No In-game purchases
  • Ads-Free

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BitLife MOD APK iOS and Android Updates 2024

The Beta Version of BitLife was released back in 2018 for both Android and iOS users separately. However, the Original Version of this game lacked many basic features and the creators of BitLife frequently release their New Updates from time to time to Upgrade different In-game Features.

Get the Latest version of BitLife MOD APK to enjoy all updates on both Android and iOS devices. Remember if you are playing the Original edition of this game you cannot enjoy these Updates and you have to Install Latest Edition from the links given below to get all Updates for Free.

  • Character Emoji Updates
  • Prison Life Updates
  • School Life Updates
  • Office Updates
  • Crime Updates
  • Luxury Updates
  • Political Updates
  • Generation Updates

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