Carrom Pool Disc Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Carrom Pool Disc Mod Apk

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MOD Unlimited Money
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Table of Contents

1.What Is The Carrom Pool Disc Game?

2.What Is The Carrom Pool Disc Mod APK?

3.When Does a Foul Occur in a Carrom Pool Disc Game?

4.Can I Get Money for the Carrom Pool Disc Game?

5.Features Of Carrom Pool Disc Game

  • Variety Of Modes

  • Practice Mode

  • Play with Your Friends

  • Variety of Boards and Strikers

  • Daily Rewards

6.Features Of Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK

  • Unlocked Gameplay



Board games are very demanding in various countries. On the internet, different board games are accessible. For instance, you will find ludo games and carrom games. Everyone plays these types of games in their childhood, and it is a pleasant thing to remember this thing. However, now you may play this game on your mobile, and most of the capabilities are similar to what we performed in our childhood. Carrom is one of them, and anybody wants to play this game and revel in it while playing with friends.

This carrom game is available on the Play Store and is referred to as the Carrom Pool disc. So, it is a board game and consists of the equal capabilities which we played earlier in our childhood. This recreation permits you to play with four players and experience this game.

Further, you can play this game with other online players and demonstrate your skills. You can part in different competitions in this game and get rewards. You will discover different modes of this game. This article is all about the board game of carrom and its features.

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What Is The Carrom Pool Disc Game?

Carrom Pool Disc is a board game that you played in your childhood. You will get the same vibe of your childhood. This game has a multiplayer mode, and you can play this game with four gamers. You may additionally play the game with different online gamers. Whilst you open the game, you will discover exceptional competitions, you must pass a lot of these and get the reward. You will get all the stunning features in this game.

What Is The Carrom Pool Disc Mod APK?

The Carrom Pool Disc board game has a variety of pucks and boards. You will explore more boards and pucks while spending money. This money you will get as a reward when you win the competition. The modified version of this game Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK provides unlimited money. You will not wait to win the game and get money. Simply download the Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK and get money. Moreover, you can use this money in the game for different purposes. The Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK is ads free, you will not see any advertisements.

When Does a Foul Occur in a Carrom Pool Disc Game?

A carrom has a striker and you can use this for hitting the pucks in the game. Further, there are four holes on the board when you hit the pucks, these pucks fall into these available holes on the board. When any puck falls into this hole you will get the reward. But in case the striker falls into this, this will be considered a foul in the game. It will have bad effects on your gameplay of the game. So you must avoid that the striker will not fall in this hole.

Can I Get Money for the Carrom Pool Disc Game?

Yes, you can earn money in carrom pool disc games. When you compete with others and win, you will get the money in reward. You will get access to a pool dic mode in this game. So, you can play games with online gamers. Before starting the game, you will set the reward first. If you win this mode of game, you will surely get the money. However, when you win the reward, you can also obtain money. Using this money in the game.

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Features Of Carrom Pool Disc Game

The Carrom Pool Disc game gives you access to the various functions. If you use all these functions, you must download this game on your Android device. Let's check all these functions:

Variety Of Modes

Carrom Pool Disc offers different modes for playing this interesting game. You can play in any mode according to your desire. You will see the modes in this game. All modes are different from each other, and they have different rules and restrictions. For instance, if you select the disc pool mode, you set a bet and after winning it, get rewards. Further, it allows you to set the money, and after winning the game, you will earn it as a reward. The freestyle mode of the game permits you to play the game in my view. In the ordinary mode of the game, you may play games along with your buddies by inviting them.

Practice Mode

In case you are playing this game for the first time, you may choose the exercise mode of the game. With the help of this mode, you may recognize the way to manage and play the sport exactly. After practising, you may pick different modes of the game.

Play with Your Friends

Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK is a multiplayer game, and you can add 4 players to this game. The multiplier mode can even allow you to add online gamers to play the game. It will make the game extra interesting and interesting.

Variety of Boards and Strikers

In the Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK, you will obtain different boards, pucks and strikers. Additionally, any striker and pucks have different functions. Using some striker, and hitting the puck strongly and different others. You can try these capabilities when playing the game.

Daily Rewards

Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK offers you to win daily rewards. If you are an active player on the Carrom Pool Disc, you can play and get rewards.

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Features Of Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK

Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK provides free premium features. You will not pay anything for using these attributes in the game. These are the following:

Unlocked Gameplay

In the standard version of the game, if you want to unlock the different strikers and pucks, you need coins to buy these objects. But in the Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK, you will unlock all these strikers and pucks free of cost. Further, you can easily use these in your game at any time.

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If you want to play the board game, the Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK is one of the best options. It has various features that you can use. The gameplay of the mode is interesting and engaging. Further, Carrom Pool Disc MOD APK offers premium features free of cost. So, get this app on your Android device and enjoy playing this game.


Q. How Many Discs are Available in Carrom?

You will have access to the 19 discs and they are available in three colors and different features.

Q. How to Get a Queen in Carrom?

You must pocket A coin and the remaining queen before falling other queens in the hole.

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