My Cute Roommate Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

My Cute Roommate Mod APK

App Name My Cute Roommate Mod APK
Publisher Astaros3D
Genre Casual
Size 765 MB
Latest Version v1.6.1
MOD Unlimited Money
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Update 10 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What's My Cute Roommate Game?

2.What's My Cute Roommate Game Mod APK?

3.How to catch a Rat in My Cute Roommate Game?

4.How to Unlock New Scenarios in My Cute Roommate?

5.Features of My Cute Roommate Mod APK?

  • Amazing 3D Graphics

  • Deal with different Scenarios

  • Making Different Choices

  • Chose The Appearance of Friends

  • Complete Challenges

6.Features of My Cute Roommate Mod APK

  • Unlocked Scenarios

  • Unlimited Coins

  • No Advertisement

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This game is all about playing the role of a character that has moved to another city for higher education. Every student at some point in life has to move to another country or city for higher education in real life too, so thus the game is just the same. In the game you will have to face different scenarios and challenges because you will be living in a hostel with a roommate who will be your cousin. So, you will have to manage different problems and tackle stuff on your own. Technically this game is all about learning, as in your practical life you have to face the exact same things, managing with a hostile cousin, tasks and challenges of hostel life. You will see different tasks and modes in the game, and you will be given a choice of taking decisions and then your game will proceed accordingly. It’sa very attractive game just because it’s relatable to our routine life and its graphics of course make the audience more excited.

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What's My Cute Roommate Game?

In My Cute Roommate game, you play the role of a boy, that has just moved to a hostel for higher education. And he has to share his hostel room with his cousin. This boy can also keep a girlfriend in the game and dress her as he wishes. This game has different tasks which you have to accomplish, and also different modes of the game. For getting more and more scenarios you will have to spend the money that you earn in the game. And if you want to get the premium version of the game you will have to buy that with your real money. Playing this game would be very interesting and fun as this game gives you challenges similar to real life, and you find them more exciting to deal with. For example, catching rats is the biggest problem of every hostel and in the game with the same challenge, you will deal with it.

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What's My Cute Roommate Game Mod APK?

It’s the modified version of the standard one and is much better. It offers a lot of fun and is worth playing. In Mod version you don’t have to spend the money that you earn in the game for getting different scenarios, also premium version is unlocked already so those who can't afford buying this version can also enjoy via Mod APK version. These features make the game more exciting and livelier. In short, this modified version offers you a lot of fun factors and makes it easier to play and enjoy games at the same time.

How to catch a Rat in My Cute Roommate Game?

You will face this problem of having rats in hostels in the game, as you do usually in real life too. To avoid rats who will disturb you at night and will damage your stuff, you will have to go to shop and buy Rat Catchers. After buying them you will have to place them in different locations so rats can be captured in those catchers. It'sactually a lot of fun to do such tasks.

How to Unlock New Scenarios in My Cute Roommate?

This game has different scenarios according to which you will play the game and will decide what to do next, there will be a lot of interesting situations and scenarios to deal with, but to unlock those situations ad modes you will have to spend the money that you will earn in the game, you can also do that by making effective choices and happy ending. But we have alsoan option of Mod APK version, in which everything is free and unlocked so you can enjoy the game very well without the tension of money.

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Features of My Cute Roommate Mod APK?

Amazing 3D Graphics

It's amazing 3D graphics make the game more realistic. For giving you exact experience of hostel life, the game has 3D graphics, in which everything feels so real.

Deal with different Scenarios

For making the game relatable with adults' life, it has different situations in which you have to deal with actual problems, for example dealing with a roommate, managing your stuff, having studies issues, dealing with your love life. All these scenarios will make the game more interesting and will also make you learn how to be practical.

Making Different Choices

In the game in different situations, you will be given a choice of making decisions, and your whole game will progress on your decisions. So, try making better choices which will lead you to better endings and will unlock more scenarios.

Chose The Appearance of Friends

You can style your friends according to your choice and make their appearances according to your wish, not only friends you can style up your girlfriend too.

Complete Challenges

In order to earn rewards and money you will be given challenges and you will have to complete them. This will keep you going, and you will not get bored easily.

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Features of My Cute Roommate Mod APK

There are some amazing features of this game that make it popular. If you want to know what these features are then you should read below for all these features and enjoy the game fully with maximum knowledge.

Unlocked Scenarios

In standard games you have to do challenges and earn money for getting new scenarios and modes, which is kind of tiring and hectic, so in its Mod APK version these are unlocked for your unlimited enjoyment.

Unlimited Coins

Earning coins in this version isn't a job, you are already gifted with unlimited coins. These features make the game worthy enough. So why not download it now and enjoy it? These unlimited coins will give you a pass to enjo the benefits that you couldn’t throughout the standard version of this game and longed to have the amazing premium things unlocked for you.

No Advertisement

The most wanted feature, who likes annoying ads in between your games? OfCourse no one. In this My Cute Roommate Mod APK all the unwanted and useless ads are removed so that you can play it peacefully without any hinderance and interference. As these ds make the game boring and dull.

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My Cute Roommate is a game of making choices of your characters life, and his life will progress based on your decisions. So, we can say this is a learning game in which you learn the outcomes pf different decisions. There's a lot of fun in the game too, you will enjoy your hostel life with your cute roommate and other friends and the game you will face different scenarios and will play accordingly. It is a full fun package offering you all in one. Follow the link and download it now and enjoy every single detail and make it count for your amazing time.


Q. Is My Cute Roommate can be played online?

Yes, this is an online game and you can enjoy it with an internet connection. You can play it offline too but there will be maximum features unavailable.

Q. Can you style your friends in the game?

Yes, you can style your friends according to your choice and enjoy the game while you style them the way you like.

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