My Singing Monsters MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)

My Singing Monsters MOD APK

App Name My Singing Monsters MOD APK
Publisher Big Blue Bubble
Genre Simulation
Size 74 MB
Latest Version v4.1.3
MOD Unlimited Money & Diamonds
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Update 8 months ago
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1.Features of My Singing Monsters APK

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My Singing Monsters MOD APK is an amazing Music Simulation RPG on Android and iPhone platforms that allows gamers to Breed and Grow their Monsters on different Islands. After successfully growing them up, your Monsters will start Singing and you will participate in different singing battles.

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My Sining

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Features of My Singing Monsters APK

Basically, My Singing Monsters MOD APK is designed to provide fun and adventure to all gamers on Android Devices. Your ultimate goal in this game is to Grow, Feed, and Train your Monsters on your Island. Gamers are free to breed every kind of Monsters and also make Hybrid Species by breeding different species together. However, these Monsters are not cruel indeed these guys actually Sting for you. Gamers have to breed maximum monsters to develop a huge variety of Songs and then you can also share these songs with other players. My Singing Monsters involves an in-depth and exciting storyline.

Explore the hidden worlds of this game by traveling to different locations on the Map. This game features various breeds of Monsters and countless Unique Islands. Well, it all starts after you own a beach resort near Caribbean Shores and you are the owner of this amazing island. However, this Island is loaded with different Breeds of Monsters and you are tasked to search them and grow them. Before engaging yourself with Little Monsters, you have to Develop and Upgrade your Island by choosing different Decorations Items.

Feel free to build an Island in your own style and use different decoration items such as Structures, Plants, Buildings, and so on to turn your Island into Paradise. Now search for Little Monsters and you can also breed different types of Monsters to get Hybrid Species of Monsters. Try to make a comfortable environment for your Monsters on the Island so that they will be happier to sing you an amazing song.

My Singing Mod Apk

The Singing Monsters features more than 30 Characters and each individual is equipped with unique powers and skills. Try to make a huge Monsters Family and you can also use Hybrid Monsters to earn some quick rewards.

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Short Review

After collecting different species of Monsters, your next goal is to Breed them and Upgrade them by feeding and nurturing little monsters. Always remember the higher level you Monsters, the better they Look and Sing for you.

In addition, you can also Breed Hybrid species of Monsters and for this purpose, you can breed monsters of unique species. Hybrid Monsters always make the best songs for you and you can also level them up to improve their singing capabilities.

Short Review

Gamers have to feed Little or Low-Level Monsters to turn them into Big Creatures and for this purpose, you have to consume Coins and other In-game Currency. Moreover, you can also use the same currency to upgrade your Island.

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