Tank Stars Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Tank Stars Mod Apk

App Name Tank Stars Mod Apk
Genre Arcade
Size 130 MB
Latest Version v2.1.0
MOD Unlimited Money
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Update 11 months ago
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Table of Contents

1.What is Tank Stars APK?

2.What is Tank Stars Mod APK?

3.Is Tank Stars APK Safe to Play?

4.When was the Tank Stars APK Game Made?

5.Is Tank Stars Apk Available for Free?


  • Simple Gameplay

  • Intuitive Controls

  • Wide Range of Tanks

  • Advanced Weapons

  • Upgrades for Powering up Tanks

  • Addictive Gameplay

  • Graphics

  • Audio Quality

7.Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

  • Premium Features Unlocked

  • No Ads



Tank Stars Mod Apk is yet another online tank battle project, but this one has an arcade feel to it. It will provide gameplay dynamics and excitement, as well as colourful drawing graphics that match the overall picture of the game. It should be noted that unusual technological units with intricate weapons will give the shootings a completely different appearance.

Tank Stars Mod Apk 1

Tank Stars Mod Apk is a fantastic arcade game that involves tank battles. Because users get to fight with tanks, the gameplay is very interesting and unique. The game is freely available on the internet and can be downloaded for free by users. The term "premium features" refers to features that are available only in the upgraded version and are not present in the original version. After making a purchase, you can access these features.

What is Tank Stars APK?

Tank Stars Apk is a thrilling tank battle game with over a million players worldwide. Select the appropriate weapon and lock it on to the target to knock it off. You can choose a powerful tank and battle against other tank players in this Tank Battle game. Because the controls are so realistic, you must use precise and accurate angles to lock the target.

The simple and accessible gameplay ensures that Android gamers can have fun with their arcade mobile gameplay right away. Even the most demanding gamers will be impressed by the interesting tank designs, vast arsenals that you can work with, interesting visual effects, and special levels with unique gameplay.

Tank Stars Mod Apk 2

What is Tank Stars Mod APK?

Tank Star Mod Apk is a modified version of the official Tank Star, where you will enjoy tons of premium benefits for free. As everyone knows, gaming has become extremely competitive, and you cannot win any game very quickly. To assist all gamers and provide unfair advantages such as unlocked tanks, unlimited shots, and many more that you will eventually discover while playing it. The main issue that many mod apk have is the presence of unnecessary ads, but our mod apk has taken care of this stressful issue by providing a no-ads policy service.

Tank Stars Mod Apk 3

Is Tank Stars APK Safe to Play?

Yes, it is safe to play this game because we checked for viruses and found none.

When was the Tank Stars APK Game Made?

Tank Stars Apk was made on 30th May 2018.

Is Tank Stars Apk Available for Free?

Yes, Tank Stars Apk is available for free.


Simple Gameplay

Tank Stars is user-friendly and accessible in-game controls which allow Android players to jump right into the awesome gameplay of arcade tank actions. You are welcome to take command of your tank, aim your cannons, and time the ideal shots to eliminate the enemies. You can play the game and take advantage of its accessible features right away thanks to the simple controls and readily available guides.

Intuitive Controls

The game's controls are very simple to understand. By easily changing their angles, the user can use the canons to take the best possible pictures. By using precise controls, the player can also move the tanks to different locations. The user can make accurate aims while using the controls for weapons, which are also very effective.

Wide Range of Tanks

There are many amazing brand-new tanks available for you to explore and select. To unlock more potent and awesome tanks, you can engage in battles and level up. Some tanks are standard, while others are available with strong stats. In this game, any tank can be purchased. Since every tank has been completely unlocked, you can choose and use any tank to play. Because everything is already unlocked in this modified version, you do not need to unlock anything. Add more tanks to your collection and use them in combat.

Tank Stars Mod Apk 4

Advanced Weapons

Players can also have amazing in-game experiences with a variety of amazing weapons in Tank Stars, each of which offers unique fighting mechanics. Feel free to equip the weapons on any of your preferred tanks and use them effectively to carry out your flawless annihilations. More than that in Kick the Buddy or any other arcade action games that you’ve played.

Upgrades for Powering up Tanks

Players can also take advantage of the available upgrades in Tank Stars, which will give the in-game vehicles many unique power-ups, to ensure that they are well-prepared for the upcoming challenges. Feel free to use specific upgrades to increase your explosive power or to have special attributes available for the weapons. All of which will enable you to take full advantage of the game's features and enjoy it.

Addictive Gameplay

You can now engage in epic tank battles with friends and online players from around the globe, for those of you who are interested. You are welcome to compete live whenever you are ready, and you are welcome to hang out with other players.


This game is specially designed for you if you enjoy traditional 2D graphics. Enjoy 2D dynamic tank battles and wipe out your opponents. It has straightforward, contemporary graphics with typical detailing. This game is highly optimized and loads quicker on all Android devices thanks to its standard graphics. The interface of this game is simple, but it has some fantastic features. All devices can use it with great ease. The design is incredibly simple and logical. The designs of tanks and weapons are distinctive and realistic.

Audio Quality

Tank Stars offers captivating audio experiences in addition to engaging gameplay, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the tank battles. You can always enjoy the game's tranquil and satisfying soundtracks thanks to the added soundtracks.

Tank Stars Mod Apk 5

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

It is possible to make a tank warfare game more engaging by making sure your tank is the last one standing. At this point, the developers offer the benefit of unlimited money via the mod apk, allowing the user to make an endless number of purchases. The user may have the chance to start out by purchasing the best tools and products from the store. Additionally, it enables you to put your best foot forward and easily overcome even the most challenging obstacles. The mod apk is what it is because of this benefit.

Premium Features Unlocked

The user of the Mod version did not have to pay any fees in order to access the premium features.

No Ads

The best graphics currently on the market were used in the game's design to create an engaging experience. The game is also provided to the player without cost or intrusive ads. At that point, the mod apk gives the player a benefit in the form of unlimited money, enabling them to make carefree purchases from the store without worrying about the price.

Tank Stars Mod Apk 6


The Tank Stars will intrigue you if you enjoy playing wargames because it features specially designed multiplayer tank battles. Therefore, in order to be the best survivor, you must upgrade to the highest level and construct a powerful tank. The game is made with the best graphics currently available, which adds to the gameplay's interest and value. The game is also made freely available to gamers. When this occurs, the mod apk gives the player a benefit in the form of unlimited money, enabling them to shop carefree and without concern for price without restriction. The best weapons and equipment will be yours from the start, enabling you to defeat even the most difficult adversaries.


Q. How can I download the Tank Stars Mod Apk?

We have this game on our website. This game is free to download.

Q. Tank Stars Mod Apk is it totally free?

Yes, downloading and using this mod are both totally free.

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